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Birthday Collage for Mom

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Create a personalized Happy Birthday Collage for your Mom

birthday gift mom letter collage heart
gift collage for mom
family tree collage mom birthday
forty letter collage birthday
personalized photo collage heart mom
birthday gift mom letter collage heart beige
letter collage home heart

How to Make your Mom Happy

  • Can I edit the photos individually?

    Yes, you can. Just use our magnifying glass function in the editor, so you can additionally adjust the individual photos and make the birthday gift for your mother even more creative.

  • Can I add special characters to the collage?

    Yes, we offer a template for letters. You can use the special characters to make the gift for your mom even more personal. You can use the following special characters: &, !, -, + and < 3 .

  • Can I also create a heart for my mom?

    Yes, you can. With our heart collage templates you can create emotional gifts.

  • Can I change the background color?

    Absolutely! Just use the background function in our editor. We have 16 colors to choose from. So you can perfectly match the gift for your mom to her personality.

  • How can I add a personal message?

    With the help of our text function in the editor you can insert your personal greeting message in the collage.

    To make your mom's birthday gift look perfect, you can also easily customize the color, size and font of the greeting text.

  • Can I create my mother's birth date as a collage?

    Absolutely! We have a matching template that you can use to create a date collage. Just enter the date in the text box and click "Create Collage".

  • I would like to give a family tree as a gift. Is that possible?

    Of course it is! Our tree collage templates can be personalized, making them a very nice mom gift from the whole family.

  • How can I create my mom's birth year collage?

    Yep. For creating your mom's birth year as a collage, you can simply enter the year in the text box.

  • Can we create the gift for our mother together?

    Yes, you can. Of course, it's much nicer if other members can also participate in your mother's gift. With the save function in our editor, you can easily send a digital version of your collage to another email address. That way, you can decide on your design together.

number shaped birthday collage mom

Perfect for Mom's Milestone Birthday

Looking for something extraordinary? Create a customized number-shaped collage with your best photos.

gift mom heart collage 1

Create a heartwarming Birthday Collage for your Mom

How about a photo collage in the shape of a heart. A special gift for a very special person.

collage gift mom year birthday

Every year with your Mom is a Special Year

Surprise your mom with a stunning year-shaped photo collage.

birthday gift mom family tree collage 1

The Foundation of Happiness

Create a personalized family tree for mom. The perfect gift from the whole family.

More info

birthday gift mom letter collage mac

Image: letter photo collage

Most important collage facts

  • Designs for names and numbers
  • Add individual text & messages
  • Safe upload & easy editing
  • 16 background colors
  • Various fonts, sizes & colors

(1 Megapix)

suitable for:

Web: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-Card, TikTok


(5 Megapix HD)

suitable for:

Web + poster & canvas



(10 Megapix 4K ULTRA HD)

suitable for:

Web + XXL print, plexiglass & metal print


birthday gift mom letter collage ipad

Image: digital letter photo collage

Benefits digital photo collage

  • Instant download
  • Ultra high resolution
  • Free eCard option
  • Unlimited home printing
  • Download available for 10 days

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