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  • How do I create a photo collage?

    That’s very easy! Just pick your favorite template and directly upload your photos into the collage creator. That’s it.

  • How many photos can I use?

    That depends on the template you choose. In general: We offer collage templates for 100 images max.

    If you want to create a photo gift with even more images: A photo mosaic might be nice alternative.

  • What layouts can I choose from?

    You can create a number-, letter-, name-, heart- and standard-shaped collage. Just choose your template & upload your photos. Our collage maker will automatically fill the template or you individually place the pictures.

  • Can I also print my collage?

    Of course – and it has never been easier! With our high resolution file you can easily print your collage at home.

    Our automatic quality check will make sure that you'll get the best printing file possible. Just hit the download button after finishing your collage.

  • How large is the final collage?

    That’s totally up to you and the collage template you choose. After having created your collage you can buy a high resolution digital file. The JPEG file is available in three different quality versions - up to 20 megapixels. The file is suitable for almost any printing method.

    Here you find all sizes and prices.

  • Can I edit the photo collage?

    Absolutely! Our photo collage editor has various editing tools.

  • Can I also add a text or message?

    Sure! We offer 10 fonts in 3 different sizes and 16 colors.

  • Can I change the background color?

    Yep! You can pimp your photo collage with one of 16 different background colors. You can also upload a background image.

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Image: digital photo collage

Most important facts

  • More than 250 templates
  • Add individual text & messages
  • 2 up to 100 images in one collage
  • 16 background colors
  • Various fonts, sizes & colors

(1 Megapix)

suitable for:

Web: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-Card, TikTok


(5 Megapix HD)

suitable for:

Web + poster & canvas



(10 Megapix 4K ULTRA HD)

suitable for:

Web + XXL print, plexiglass & metal print


digital photo collage as name

Image: letter photo collage

Benefits of a digital photo collage

  • Instant download
  • Ultra high resolution printing file
  • Free eCard option
  • Unlimited home printing
  • Download available for 10 days

Photo Collage Creator for many Occasions

Creating a photo collage is very simple these days. We offer numerous collage designs on our website to help you make your own collage. We currently have more than 300 collages available. It’s easy to create a collage with our photo collage creator since the application provides the user with a wide spectrum of editing options. Thanks to these features, it has never been easier to make your own photo collage: Your photo collage is ready in just a few clicks.

If you already know before creating your collage, how many photos you want to use, you can select the appropriate collage right away. These are the most popular collages: