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  • Alfie B.

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    Unfortunately, my delivery arrived later, despite 24 hours of service, but this was not the fault of company, but from UPS. I was reimbursed the additional payment immediately. The quality is very good and we are very satisfied

  • Kevin T.

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    Excellent experience. Product is excellent quality.

  • Reena

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    i purchased this item as a birthday present for a friend. The perfect surprise.

  • Valerie S.

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    excellent product

  • Vanessa

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    I chose this company because I liked their layout choices best.

  • Mark W.

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    Quality is fantastic. My daughter loved her birthday present so much.

  • Tina B.

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    Excellent quality, would definitely recommend and order again

  • Miss G.

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    I wanted to create a collage and put a message on. Your company was the only I could do that.

  • Karen L.

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    Bought one previously and have been very happy with both products.

  • Caroline R.

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    I used this service as they provide a really wide range of options that you can't find elsewhere.

  • Jess

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    It was a very easy process to use compared to other companies we looked at online.

  • Simon D.

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    Of all the websites we looked at these were the easiest to use.

Create Your Business Collage Fast & Easy

  • 1. Upload photos
  • 2. Create collage
  • 3. Finished

Your Success Story visualized as a Business Collage 🚀

company anniversary year photo collage
family business tree photo collage
best team photo collage 2
team appreciation gift thanks photo collage
best team photo collage
company business team photo collage

Tip: Here you combine letters, numbers and special characters such as: &, !, + and <3.

company anniversary letter photo collage

Your Company Name as Photo Collage

Perfect idea for celebrating your Company's Anniversary. Simply type in your brand and upload your best shots.

family business tree photo collage ipad

Celebrate Your Family Business!

Show appreciation for your family business with a personalized family tree. A wonderful idea for remembering your success story.

company thank you team photo collage large

Thanks to the Best Team 🎉

With an individual Thank you collage you can share great moments with your team mebers & co-workers.

business logo anniversay photo mosaic

Did you know?

You can also create a Business Photo Mosaic

Create mosaic

Create a Stunning Business Photo Collage

  • Reimagine Your Brand

    Imagine having the ability to play with your logo, giving it a fresh visual perspective that evolves in sync with your company's journey.

    Business Photo Collage offer precisely that, transforming your logo into a dynamic work of art that adapts to the narrative of your business.

    Each collage unveils a new facet of your story, redefining your brand identity in an innovative and dynamic way. We convert your pivotal moments, achievements, and challenges into captivating collages that enable your audience to emotionally connect with your brand.

    It's not just storytelling; it's a visual experience that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Celebrate Your Team and Foster Unity

    Your employees are the heart of your company.

    Business Photo Collages provide a platform to spotlight their vital roles by creating dedicated team collages to visualise each member of your team.

    This strengthens the sense of belonging, pride, and unity within your organization.

    You're demonstrating to your employees that they are a valuable part of your success, and their contributions matter.

  • Highlight Team Building Days

    Team building days are instrumental in strengthening bonds within your team.

    Our Business Photo Collages capture these precious moments and transform them into artwork that serves as a constant reminder of the significance of working together.

    It's a powerful way to keep team spirit alive and motivate your employees to fully engage in their work.

  • Templates for Your Business Photo Collage

    Discover the limitless potential of our business collages, where a diverse range of models, an extensive palette of colors, and a multitude of styles await, empowering you to create photo collages as unique and varied as your imagination.

  • User-Friendly Generator Tools

    Our intuitive collage maker makes it easy to turn your team photos into works of art.

    Simply click on any image to access the editing tools and transform your story with our team in just a few clicks.

    Rotate, crop, or add a touch of black and white to your photos for added drama.

  • Personalize your Logo Photo Collage

    Make your logo picture collage truly special by personalizing it with a powerfull message.

    Choose from 10 gorgeous fonts and 16 beautiful colors to create a unique message.

    You can also customize the background with 16 background colors or by uploading your own image.

  • Easily Print Your Collage

    Printing has never been easier! With our high resolution file you can easily print your collage at home.

    Our automatic quality check will make sure that you'll get the best printing file possible. Just hit the download button after finishing your collage.

  • High-Quality Results with Our Quality Check

    Our collage maker includes a quality check system that ensures your company photos are suitable for home printing.

    Just hover over the added photo to see a green smiley indicating that your photo is ready to go.

    Please note that the collage maker only supports JPEG photos.

  • Celebrate your team with a Customized eCard Collage

    Surprise your clients or team members by sending them a beautiful business photo collage eCard.

    After purchasing your collage, you can send as many eCards as you'd like and even print your collage as many times as you want.

    Share your team memories with your clients.

Business Photo Collage in Detail

best team photo collage 2

Most important collage facts

  • More than 250 templates
  • Add individual text & messages
  • 2 up to 100 images in one collage
  • 16 background colors
  • Various fonts, font sizes & colors

(1 Megapix)

suitable for:

Web: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-Card, TikTok


(5 Megapix HD)

suitable for:

Web + poster & canvas



(10 Megapix 4K ULTRA HD)

suitable for:

Web + XXL print, plexiglass & metal print


family business tree photo collage ipad

Benefits digital photo collage

  • Instant download
  • Ultra high resolution
  • Free eCard option
  • Unlimited home printing
  • Download available for 10 days

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