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60th Birthday Photo Collage

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Get some inspiration for Happy 60th Milestone Collage

60 birthday gift collage year
family tree collage frame
family letter collage home
personalized photo collage heart mom
sixty letter collage birthday

How to create a stunning 60th Birthday Gift

  • How many photos can I use?

    We offer photo grids with up to 100 pictures max.

  • Are there special Designs for a 60th Birthday Collage?

    Yes there are! You can either create a number 60 collage or even a collage in shape of the birth year. You can also make a "SIXTY" letter collage or create a heart collage. Of course you can also pick one of our classic collage designs.

  • Can I add personal Birthday Wishes?

    Yep! In our collage maker you can pick one of 10 fonts in 3 different sizes and 16 colors.

  • Can I edit the photo collage?

    Absolutely! Our photo collage maker has various free editing tools.

  • Can I add special characters to the collage?

    Yes, with our letter shaped collage templates you can add special character like: &, !, -, + and < 3 .

    This way your birthday gift will be even more personal.

  • Can I change the background color?

    Yes! You can pimp your photo collage with one of 16 different background colors. You can also upload a background image.

  • Can I send my Birthday Collage as an eCard?

    Yes! If you're running late or just looking for a long distance birthday gift you can send the collage after purchasing as eCard.

  • Can I also print my Happy 60th Collage?

    Of course – and it has never been easier! You just can easily print the collage at home! The automatic quality check will make sure that you'll get the best printing results possible. Just hit the download button after finishing your collage.

    If you want an XXL version you can also print your collage in a local shop or on any other printing platform.

  • Can we create the 60th Birthday gift together?

    Yes, you can. Just hit the link "Invite a friend" in our editor and send a link to family & friends.

    You decide if they can edit the collage or just add photos. The power is with you.

sixty milestone collage letters

Hip Hip Hooray - The SIXTY Milestone Collage!

If numbers don't matter: Turn the 60 into "SIXTY". You can also type in a word or a name you want.

60th bday heart collage 1

Perfect for Long Distance 60th Birthday Wishes

You cannot celebrate the 60th Birthday of Mom or Dad together? Create a mind-blowing Heart-Shaped Photo Collage with your favorite pics and send a wonderful Birthday eCard.

60 birthday gift collage year

60 Years ago: a Legend was Born

Legends deserve a very unique Birthday Gift: Create a stunning 60th Milstone Collage and celebrate the road starting from this very special year.

60th birthday collage

Creating a photo collage for a 60th birthday is always a great gift idea. All those precious memories can be captured in a 60th birthday photo collage. The 60th birthday collage maker includes numerous templates so that you can wish a happy birthday in style.

What else to say?

happy 60th birthday collage mac

Most important collage facts

  • More than 250 templates
  • Add individual text & messages
  • 2 up to 100 images in one collage
  • 16 background colors
  • Various fonts, font sizes & colors

(1 Megapix)

suitable for:

Web: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-Card, TikTok


(5 Megapix HD)

suitable for:

Web + poster & canvas



(10 Megapix 4K ULTRA HD)

suitable for:

Web + XXL print, plexiglass & metal print


happy 60th birthday collage ipad

Benefits digital photo collage

  • Instant download
  • Ultra high resolution
  • Free eCard option
  • Unlimited home printing
  • Download available for 10 days

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